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The Less Stress family of resources are highly effective stress-reduction presentations and programs for physicians and clinicians based on the Positive Intelligence® (PQ) operating system created by Stanford lecturer, executive coach, and New York Times best-selling author Shirzad Chemine. Mr. Chemine is former CEO of the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), the largest coaching organization in the world.



Ditch the "Extra" Stress!

Physicians and clinicians have multiple layers of job stress. The quickest way to lower stress is to address the "extra" stress--that internal stress caused by all the external stress. Your internal stress is caused by your Judge and Saboteurs.

Meet Your Judge and Saboteurs


"You stink." "You're not good enough." "What's wrong with you?" "You don't have what it takes." That's your inner Judge. Low self-confidence? The Judge. Guilt and shame? Judge. Imposter Syndrome? Guess who.
Then the other Saboteurs show up in a desperate attempt to preserve your identity and safety, especially when you're in survival mode at your stressful job.
How much extra stress and misery at work and in your life could you avoid if you could quickly identify then neutralize your Judge and Saboteurs? How much more calm and happiness and focus would you have?
How much less stressed and more productive would your physician and clinician team be?
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I'm Dr. Catherine Woodhouse, an internist in practice for over 20 years, joyful burnout survivor, and Board Certified Coach.


The Less Stress Lab works.



A powerful program in a format that best suits your team and objectives.

Choose between The Less Stress Lecture, The Less Stress Workshop, and the premier 8-week Less Stress Lab.


Watch this introductory video to the Judge and Saboteurs, the basic neuroscience behind the work, and basic Saboteur neutralization skills.

The Less Stress Lecture

A fully customized 45-minute presentation on the Judge and Saboteurs with more advanced neutralization strategies for your physician and clinician team. Perfect for Grand Rounds and for Lunch-n-Learns.

The Less Stress Workshop

A 90-minute presentation for your physician and clinician team--includes training on the fabulous Sage as well. Perfect for retreats.

Inquire about the Lecture and Workshop

The Less Stress Lab

The 8-week flagship program that can transform your work and life.

How Does it Work?

The Less Stress Lab combines 7 weeks of premium Positive Intelligence® app-based weekly training with 8 weekly virtual professional PQ Coach™ coaching sessions around job stress. The app deploys:

  • Weekly videos
  • Focus of the Day exercises
  • The Mental Fitness Gym, exercises that shift you from Saboteur hijacking to Sage response.
  • Nightly Reflections, and
  • Access to an exciting worldwide Community of PQ participants.

You will meet weekly with up to 4 fellow colleagues of your choosing and receive real-time coaching for maximal impact.

After completion of the Lab, you can choose to receive continued free access to the PQ app for 12 months or elect a paid 3-6 month Grow subscription to receive new daily content and bonus Modules such as Relationships or Parenting.


What's the Time Commitment?

About 10 minutes a day, with a 1-hour weekly video and 30-minute weekly Pod meeting. The program is designed to fit into your busy life!

Want to Join the Lab? Here's How!

1. Gather your favorite lab partners.


The Less Stress Lab works best when you do it in a group. People who do the program in groups are 5 times more consistent and tend to optimize their results. This group is called a “Pod.”

To address your job and life stress more specifically, form a Pod with fellow physician and clinician colleagues. They totally get it.  Please enlist anywhere between 1 to 3 of your colleagues to make a maximum Pod size of 4 members. The more colleagues the better—it provides the best value!

*Non-medical family & friends are welcome too. :-)


2. Pick a weekly date and time to meet.


This is called your “Pod Meeting.” Because the weekly videos are released on Saturday mornings, it’s best to have your Pod Meeting earlier in the week.

I will coach your weekly Pod Meeting to reinforce the video training, help apply the week’s concepts to physician and clinician job stress specifically, and ensure participation. You'll also receive a 1-hour Orientation session the week before the PQ program begins to walk you through the app and maximize your success.


3. Save money with up to 3 additional colleagues!

The Less Stress Lab is valued at over $2500 for the coaching plus 12 months of the premier PQ app.

But as a PQ Coach™, I offer very special pricing because I want to put The Lab into as many physician and clinician hands as possible.

Contact me for professional courtesy pricing!


The more colleagues you add to your Pod, the more each of you save!


Contact me for family and friends pricing as well!



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Please book a time to chat—I’d love to learn more about your stressful work and what you’d like to accomplish in The Less Stress Lab!
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Want to learn more about PQ and how awesome it is?

Listen to my interview with Dr. Claudia Coker, a psychotherapist, Organizational Psychologist, and high-performance executive coach. Dr. Coker highlights the basic tenets of PQ, shares her PQ testimony, and we share that PQ does not endorse toxic notions of resilience.

See you in the Lab!



Extra stress is malleable. The Less Stress Lab can change your work and life for the better in so many ways. Schedule time today to learn more and sign up. Don't wait!


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