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What Prior Clients Are Saying:


"A Laser-Focused Guide."

You will not find a safer space, more compassionate ear, or more devoted, laser-focused guide than what you will experience in a coaching relationship with Cathy! I felt heard, understood, and gently challenged, leading to a growing confidence in my “inner healer” to take the next steps forward where my best “self” shows up in both work and play.

"It Feels Great!"

There is no place in the world like a coaching session with Cathy. No matter how much confusion, stuckness, or just plain messiness I brought to our sessions, I left every single one with renewed clarity and forward momentum toward my massive life goals that I did not think was possible. Cathy firmly and compassionately held me accountable for taking action to create what I wanted in my career and in my life. Cathy will make you work hard, but also make you smile and laugh, as she reminds you that life is to be enjoyed even when it is not “perfect.” I made transformations in my career and my life that were beyond my expectations, and it feels great!

"Cathy was everything!"

She helped me articulate what I wanted and needed for my career.  She was empathic, strategic, and unbiased.  Not only did she help during our sessions, but sent follow-up emails outlining next steps for me.  Her gentle approach gave me all the motivation! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!


"A worthwhile and valuable investment."

My recent coaching experience with Dr. Woodhouse was a worthwhile and valuable investment in myself of which I enthusiastically encourage others to partake.  Her coaching style is thoughtful insightful, encouraging, non-judgmental, effective and designed to help you identify and knock down the barriers to fulfillment, joy and true purpose subconsciously erected over the years in pursuit of career success in medicine.  Exploring self-awareness and having a safe space to do so empowered me to make decisions and implement a plan to ultimately create the type of future that will allow me to look forward to Mondays and no longer hate them!  Do not hesitate—give Dr. Woodhouse a try.  You will not regret it!

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DIY Coaching: The Evolved Physician Course

Too busy for formal coaching? Create changes in your work at your own pace and on your own time with the Evolved Physician Course.

  • The digital course is a 120-page E-coursebook of discovery exercises paired with 8 instructional videos to help clarify what work you want and how to craft it. By the end of the Course you’ll have a concrete plan in hand of your next steps. Or you can choose a printed coursebook if you prefer.
  • You also receive three free facilitated monthly group accountability meetings for mutual peer support to help you along your journey!
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