But What Other Work Can I Do?

One of the first questions that stressed doctors ask at the mere thought of doing different work is “But what else can I do?”

You might have said this too. I did.

“This is all I know. This is all I can do.” So you continue to be stressed, you continue to stay in a bad job, and you continue to be damaged.

What if instead you changed the question from “What can I do?” to “What do I want to do?”

If you’re not sure what you want to do instead, there are so many ways to find out.

You can discover what you really want through inspiration, which is incredibly powerful, but also through experience. “Boots on the ground” experiences.

And these experiences come in two flavors: congruent and incongruent.

Congruent experiences mean that as you go throughout the course of your daily life, be it at work or outside work, you experience what I call “pokes to get you woke,” things that get you excited, that bring you...

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