You Are Worth More

If you’re stressed out or burning out from your stressful job, you dread getting out of bed in the morning. When your feet hit the floor and you drag yourself into another damaging, poorly malleable day, you are saying “Yes” to something.

Our current healthcare delivery model reminds me of a Netflix series I just watched called Squid Games. These desperate people who were in huge amounts of debt (where the bad guys were gonna take their kidneys and eyeballs if they didn’t pay up) signed up to win an insane amount of cash at the completion of a game.

As you might expect, the game was horrifically violent. And at various intervals the players had the opportunity to stop and decide if they would continue enduring the game’s brutality or free themselves from it. The vast majority continued to play. They continued to say “Yes.”

It made me think of you as a job-stressed physician or clinician.

When you go to work, you're voting with your feet. You're saying “Yes” to something, despite ongoing damage to your body, mind, and soul. Take a moment to consider what you’re exchanging your well-being for.

What are you saying “Yes” to?

List your top three and their relative percentages:



And note I’m not asking about the reason behind the “Yes.” I’m asking about the What, not the Why.

For example, by the time I finally burned to a crisp years ago, “Paying bills” comprised 95% of my “Yes,” and “Patient Care” came in at 5%. Burnout forces one into a desperate state of survival.

Please be brutally honest without shame or guilt. Because that helps you answer the second, most critical question:

What are you worth?

Do those things merit the near-total sacrifice of your time, your body, your sanity, and your most important relationships?

When you continue to suffer grievous harm day after day, might that relate in any way to personal boundaries or even self-worth? No blame; just discernment.

What are you worthy of instead? Write it here now:

I am worthy of:



I believe you are too smart, too talented, too skilled, and too fabulous to continue to be damaged by your work.

I believe you’re worth more.



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